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Student Music Lessons

We offer an integrated progressive curriculum for children aged from Prep to Grade 6 and Year 7 to Year 12

We aim to create and nurture the development of children’s musical abilities to the highest level. Music Theory, reading music and a practical approach to learning a chosen musical instrument are our priorities. Our Teachers are specifically selected for their superior musical, communication and teaching skills. They have undertaken intensive training programs with us and their work is regularly monitored.

Our classes aim to provide a non-competitive approach that offers students fun and exciting music lessons, enhanced self confidence, self esteem and improved spatial abilities.

Lessons are of a typical 30 minute duration and are held once per week at school. Lessons are held in either small groups or private tuition at the school. (A complete and convenient service for the busy parent!). Periodical concerts are also included in the program.

Research has shown that students benefit in learning an instrument by enhancing Academic Performance, Study Skills, Self-Expression, Co-Ordination, Self-Confidence, Concentration and much more!


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Metro Music Instrument Hire

Instrument Hire

Metro Music offers a variety of instruments for Sale or Hire. If you wish to purchase a musical instrument, follow this link to Metro Music Instrument Sales.

For most people, learning to play a musical instrument is a fun and rewarding experience. However, it also requires some patience and dedication, and we know that not everyone who takes up an instrument will stick with it. On top of this, many people are put off by the cost of buying a new, good quality instrument.

Our hire scheme is popular with parents of school-age children, although anyone – children or adults – who wants to learn a musical instrument can take advantage of the scheme.

For a small deposit, plus a low monthly rate, you can learn to play on a good quality instrument.

A Bond of $50.00 applies to all Hired instruments. This will be refunded upon the return of undamaged instrument and/or replacement of (if necessary) instrument accessories such as Strings / Rosen etc.

* Note – A minimum hire period of 3 months applies.


Terms and conditions of hire

Hire rates are for a minimum of 3 months (12 weeks). For those wishing to hire an instrument over the Christmas break, a half term hire fee will apply. If this is the case please contact Metro Music as soon as possible.

All hire costs are payable in advance and will be included with either an invoice for lessons fees or as a separate invoice.

Instruments not required at the end of the 3 month hiring term must be returned to the instrumental teacher by the due date (i.e last day of hiring). Please note that instruments not returned by the due date will incur a full term’s hiring charge.

Metro Music School will cover repairs due to general wear and tear. Any wilful or accidental damage of instruments is the responsibility of the hiree and will be charged at the discretion of Metro Music School.

Guitar and/or Violin Strings broken by the Hiree must be replaced before returning to Metro Music.

Violin Rosen must be replaced if broken or completely used.

Instruments lost or stolen are the responsibility of the hiree and will be charged for the replacement of that instrument.

All instruments must be returned to Metro Music School for all servicing and repairs. Servicing and repairs are our responsibility and may not be done by other persons or businesses, without exception.



If you are interested in enrolling your child for lessons, please fill in the form and submit it. We will then reply with payment details and confirmation of lessons (day/time). Enrolment can be made at any time of year.

Tutor Books and a Diary will be supplied to your child at the commencement of lessons. An account for Fees and Lesson Books will be sent to you each Term.

Please note re-enrolment for each term is automatic therefore it is not necessary to enrol each term unless you wish to cancel.

Student Enrolment Form


Music Tuition Agreement

Lessons are held once per week and are of 30 minutes duration.

Cancellations are only accepted with written notice at least two weeks before term ends (excluding school holidays). Due to strict timetable policies Cancellations cannot be accepted after this time frame. Students are automatically enrolled for the following term and invoiced as per usual. By giving us notice we are able to offer a place to the next waiting student before the next term/year begins.

The commitment for tuition is for a minimum of one full school term (usually 10 weeks). There is no refund of fees if this agreement is terminated during the term by either party. All current lessons roll over from one term to the next. It is therefore not necessary to re-enroll at the end of each term.

Charges for a maximum of 10 lessons per term are payable in advance on a term by term basis. Fees for each term are due 7 days after receiving our tax invoice. Payment should be received by the due date to ensure students are not withdrawn from lessons. If any problems arise with payment of fees please contact Metro Music School immediately to discuss alternative arrangements.

Your first invoice will include fees for music books, practice diaries and/or accessories. Metro Music will supply these items. Cheques and/or money orders should be made payable to Metro Music School. All payments should be sent direct to P.O. Box 874, Eltham, 3095. Internet Banking and/or Credit Card facilities are also available. Please do not give payment to our teachers.

It is the parent’s/student’s responsibility to bring all appropriate instruments and books to each lesson. Hiring and/or purchasing of instruments are available through Metro Music School. (for practice purposes students should have an instrument before commencement of lessons)

Lessons will be made up if the instrumental teacher is absent. All other lessons missed due to non attendance will be considered as given.

Metro Music may use a substitute teacher if the student’s current instrumental teacher is unable to conduct lessons on the regular lesson day.

If there are insufficient enrolments in an offered instrument, students will be included on a waiting list until suitable numbers permit commencement of lessons.

I understand and accept the above conditions and will forward all payments for books, tuition and items provided by Metro Music School to the above mentioned address and/or available payment facilities.

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